Our Classes include...

  • All classes are held at the same location as the shooting range.
  • Rules for Safe Gun Handling.
  • NRA's rules and a few of our own.
  • The different types of handguns and why some are better than others.
  • Parts and Operation of a Handgun.
  • Ammunitions.
  • Basics of Sight Alignment.
  • Bullet Trajectory.
  • Proper Grip.
  • Trigger Control.
  • Proper Stance.
  • Cleaning and Storage.
  • Target practice and marksmanship improvement.

Parent's Guide to Gun Safety

How to store a gun safely from your child yet still have it rapidly available and ready to use for your protection. How to talk to your children about guns. Even if you don't have a gun in your home, statistically, your child has been in someone else's home where there were guns and you never knew it.  Additionally, if you do not have children but one is in your home as a visitor, you are still responsible and can be charged with a felony if the child is able to get the gun.

Armed and Able offers private classes custom tailored to your schedule! Any day of the week during daylight hours.Big Guns are Welcome too You chose a date and time. As you are reading this, if there are a couple of hours of daylight left, there is a great chance you can have a class RIGHT NOW - simply by calling 850-228-1406!

If you have others interested in taking the class with you, please call for discounted pricing. Children of appropriate ages under age 18 are always welcome to come with you at no additional charge.

For the cost of $100.00: My service to you is I work with your schedule; I provide you with Instruction, a private range, a range weapon, a safety certificate and all the paperwork for you to obtain your CWP from the state of Florida [Their fee is $112.00]. The permit is valid for 7 years and is honored in over 32 States. Your Florida CWP can be obtained in about 3 weeks.

Thank you for your interest,

Robert Kendrick


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